Monique Recommends: Hunted


Meagan Spooner’s novel ‘Hunted’ is a retelling of the iconic ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Beauty or better known in the novel as Yeva, is a hunter just like her a father. Both wanting more than the town can offer, both yearning to return to their house by the forest. But when they do, her father starts rambling about a beast; a beast in the woods. What he doesn’t know is that the beast was following him. Weeks go by with Yeva and her sisters waiting for her father to return from his hunting trip, but he doesn’t. Disregarding her sisters’ protests, Yeva decides to take things into her own hands and attempts to find her father. Only what she discovered was not what she was expecting to find.

After the live action movie of ‘Beauty of the Beast’ was finally out in cinemas, my childhood fascination and love for the movie lead me to continuously listen to its soundtrack and just overall being in a disney spirit.

“She wept because she did not know what she

wanted, and because she wanted everything.”

Trying to find a book to read, I was looking through some websites when I found the book. I decided to read it, interested of what I was going to get because I have never really read a retelling of a story before and Beauty and the Beast has always been one of my favourite animated movies, so I was quite excited to read it and I wasn’t disappointed. Though there were major differences from the original plot and the retelling but the important features of the story remained similar. I loved the message in the book about how our wanting can impact our lives and how the author incorporated it into the curse that tied the Beast and Yeva together.
I would recommend this book to those who enjoyed Beauty and the Beast and would like to read a retelling of it, as well as those who would want to read a fantasy book that isn’t entirely about romance that also has a message to share.


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