The Fidget Insanity


Whether you are for or against fidget toys, they are still very popular and will still be popular till the end of the year. They come in many shapes and sizes each with a mechanism, but all have one purpose, to enable the user to do something with their hands. Although they aren’t the loudest things to play with, they still emit a small noise that sometimes distracts others. This is why they aren’t the most popular things around teachers. For students however, it is very mixed. Some would go to the point that they are life savers in some classes. Others say it is the stupidest thing around. I actually enjoy the fidget spinners and cubes and as a person that fidgets a lot in class, I would say that these things are often very handy. However, I do think that they are relatively loud, and should be used with caution.

-Gus Shumlansky, G10


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